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Posted 04/29/14
There is a Decal request form in the Rules section for drivers/owners to fill out for decals. We ask drivers/owners to print it off and circle the decals you use or would like to use. We will package these decals up and deliver these packages at a later time. There are 80 decals on the form, we ask that you only circle the decals of products that you use or would like to use. Help support us while we support you!

Posted 04/28/14
April 28, 2014

For Immediate Release:

Attention Buckeye Machine Non Wing sprint car participants, we have decided to make a change regarding our tire rules for the 2014 season. Starting June 1st, 2014 all sprint cars will be required to run a Hoosier Medium right rear tire only. The other three corners of the car will remain Hoosier (any compound). Until June 1st you can continue to run any compound Hoosier on all four corners. We feel that not only will this save the racer $40 per RR tire it will also put everyone on the same tire.

As always, we thank you for your support and look forward to another great season of racing in this class.

Danny Kelly
Race Director

Posted 04/26/14
New to WRP this season we will be creating and using an email list for notifications, results, news and press releases. If you want to most up to date info for WRP make sure to sign up for this email link below. This will allow fans, drivers, media, etc., to add, delete, and update their email addresses. 

Posted 04/20/14

Test and Tune this Saturday April 26, 2014 @ 12:30pm - 5:00pm
Gates will open at 12:00pm
Pit admission will be $10.00
General admission will be free.

Posted 04/09/14
New in 2014! We have listened to your suggestions and in 2014 we will be honoring Rookie of the Year in all divisions. In order to qualify for Rookie of the Year honors you must not have raced in the division at our facility or any other facility in the past. We are wanting to honor new drivers to the divisions as we have seen a huge increase in drivers moving up or starting out in our divisions. In order to be eligible there will be a form on the “Rules” tab of our website that you need to print off and fill out. You will need to hand this in the first night you race with your drivers profile sheet. We hope to see many new faces competing in all 5 regular divisions.

Danny Kelly

Posted 4/02/14

Updated Pit Parking Map

Posted 3/4/2014:
All rules for 2014 are the same as last year with the exception of minor changes in the truck class. I am trying to figure out how to edit the rule links so please bear with me. This is the reason I am posting the updates here.
Truck class updates for 2014:

1. There is no size reduction rule on the last 24" of the exhaust this season, however, the exhaust must still exit under the truck and directed towards the back of the truck

2. You may use aluminum to replace body panels, but the top 6 inches below the rolled edge of a fender or bed panel must be the stock steel.

3. No aluminum drive shafts.

aside from these minor changes all other rules are the same as 2013.

thank you,
Dan Kelly
race director

Posted 2/22/2014:
The latest pit parking map is updated below. The deadline for renewals from last season is over. Now any spots with just a number can be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Pleased follow the instructions below.

Posted 1/13/2014:
It is time to reserve your 2014 pit parking stalls. We will all those that had spots in 2013 to renew their spots until February 16th by sending in their check to the address listed below. Attached is the current map of sold pit stalls (marked in green) and the available (numbered and white) stalls.. The cost of all pit stalls this season is $100. Here are some guidelines for this seasons reserved parking: 
  1. The nights reserved spots will NOT be saved are the Bob Reynolds Memorial race (July 3rd) & The All Star Race (June 22nd ) & The Harvest of Sprints (October 10th).
  2. If the car that has reserved that spot is unable to attend that night then the spot belongs to WRP. We are not going to “hold” it for another driver.
  3. Reserved spots will be held until 5:30pm unless you call ahead and let us know you are on your way. Call 419-604-0288.
  4. After February 16th we will post the updated map. Up until that point you can purchase a spot that does not have a name on it. If one of last years reserved spots are not filled again then you may choose to move into one of those spots.
  5. In order reserve a spot please mail a check to: 

Greg & Tami Shobe
15595 Waynesfield Rd.
Waynesfield, Ohio

Be sure to include to number of the spot you desire to reserve (all spots are numbered on the map). If there are multiple requests for the same spot we will get you as close to that spot as possible.


Posted: 1/14/2013

Attention Mini Sprint Drivers: Waynesfield Raceway Park is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the AMSA Lightning Mini Sprint Organization for the 2013 season. What does this change for the weekly racer? AMSA will waive all membership fees and entry (pill draw) fees for all racers at WRP events for the 2013 race season. WRP officials will handle all race decisions and AMSA will handle all inspection processes. We will have an informational meeting with all drivers soon regarding how things will be handled in 2013. We feel this is a win/win situation, as the racers will have the full inspection process they have been wanting. AMSA will also add to the points fund for the end of season. Again we will have an information meeting to be held at the track soon.

The Mini Sprints will have a maximum 1000cc engine rule. No 1200's.
Last Updated ( Friday, 02 May 2014 )