Justin Grant Takes Jack Hewitt Classic – August 2, 2014

Justin Grant Takes Jack Hewitt Classic
August 2, 2014

“This is the time to make it known that I will be running in the Silver Crown division of the 4-crown this year”, Jack Hewitt announced to fans at the 6th running of the famous Jack Hewitt Classic at Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio.  Fans were in utter shock looking on at Jack and his two seat “Dew-It-Hewitt” sprint car after the big announcement.  Jack Hewitt, hall of fame sprint car driver and former Indianapolis 500 starter, was honored Saturday for his contribution to the sport of racing that he had so much success in.  Jack’s resume go could on for pages upon pages with all of his accomplishments and achievements over his long racing career.  Saturday’s race, Jack took the spotlight off of himself to give fans in attendance a show they would never forget and an experience that comes once in a lifetime.  With bonus and increased payoffs up for grabs, drivers from all over Ohio and beyond signed in to place their name on the prestigious Jack Hewitt trophy and head home a few bucks richer.  Making the field would be a tough task with each of the three classes needing B-mains to lock in the final few cars.  Jack Hewitt’s full interview will be available online later in the week.

The Buckeye Machine Non Wing Sprints had an extremely solid field with 42 cars signing in to compete.  As part of the special event, competitors qualified for their starting spots in the heat races in group qualifying sessions.  Thomas Meseraull in the 41 started his night off well with a $200 Bully Dog gift certificate courtesy of the Contingency Connection with a time of 12.397.  Travis Hery with second quick at a 12.418 in his number 21.  Justin Grant was third quick, Logan Jarret fourth, and Todd Keen rounding out the top five.  After an inversion of four, Toby Alfrey, Mike Dunlap, Tom Rhodes, and Tyler Gunn would find themselves on the pole for four eight lap heat races.  Logan Jarret picked up the win of heat race number one holding off fast qualifier Thomas Meseraull.  Heat number had the 40 of Justin Grant taking the win from pole sitter of the heat Mike Dunlap.  Scotty Weir showed drivers how to move through field picking up the win of heat race three advancing four spots.  The final heat race saw the 0 of Steve Irwin taking the checkered over last years winner, Dallas Hewitt. The top two out of each heat then ran a brief six lap heat to determine the lineup for the front four rows.  Mike Dunlap picked up the win with Justin Grant finishing in second.  Both Grant and Dunlap were offered bonus money put up by flagman Jeremy Vogel if they were start dead last in the A-main.  Both declined Vogel’s offer siting how good their cars were starting up front.  Two B-mains followed with just two cars transferring into the feature.  Kyle Simon and Cooper Clouse started on the front row and took care of the transfer spots in B-main number one.  A similar story played out in B-main number two with the 2M of Beau Stewart and the 6 of Cody Gardner transferring.  Lee Underwood had a good run in the B-main cutting through the field to pick up third and the second alternate spot.

With the field set, The A-main began to push onto the racing surface for 30 laps of action.  Lucky fan Tim Wills got the experience of a lifetime to ride with Jack Hewitt during the opening laps of the A-main.  Wills was chosen out of a raffle of all fans in attendance.  Mike Dunlap and Justin Grant went to the bottom.  Matt Westfall and Steve Irwin went to the top to form a four wide salute behind the Jack Hewitt two seater.  Not one person in the entire facility was sitting during the iconic wave lap.  Caution lights went out as Dunlap and Grant pulled their belts one final time.  Jack Hewitt and his lucky passenger dropped to the rear of the field as the green flag flew to get the 6th Annual Jack Hewitt Classic underway.  Dunlap won the drag race into turn one as the cars bunched up behind him.  Jack Hewitt took the two seater into turn one like a true veteran riding the cushion off of turn two.  Hewitt decided to leave the action to the competitors in attendance pulling the 21 into the infield on lap two.  The fans roared over the sound of the engines as Jack climbed out from behind the wheel.  Dunlap led the opening lap before Justin Grant took over the top spot.  Grant then spent the next few laps extending his lead and putting some track between himself and the 2B of Dunlap.  The lead was up to a second and a half when the yellow flag flew for the 41 of Thomas Meseraull and the 18K Todd Keen.  Both drivers got caught up in an accident bringing out the caution flag.  Leading up to the restart, Matt Westfall was determined to make a run for the lead in his white and green 54.  Theory and actuality were two different things as Westfall did not get the jump he needed on the restart.  Luckily for him the caution flew again immediately for the 29 of Logan Jarret.  Jarret was running in the fifth spot and started on the inside of row three.  A second restart on lap 17 would pose another problem as the 2M of Beau Stewart took a heavy tumble in turn two.  The car went airborne entering turn one and got some distance off the racing surface.  The car came to a rest on its side on the apron of the racing surface.  Stewart was uninjured and walked away from the crash.  A third restart on lap 17 would be successful with the green flag returning and staying to complete a lap.  Scotty Weir found some power and made a run on Matt Westfall into turn two.  The power was present but the sprint would not stick down the back stretch.  Westfall reclaimed the second spot and closed the door on Weir the following lap.  A series of yellow flags would follow slowing the field.  One with 7 laps to go for the 21 of Travis Hery and with 4 laps to go for the 68G of Tyler Gunn.  Gunn sustained damage to his front right tire resulting in a visit to the hot pot.  With one lap to spare, repairs were made and the 68G returned to competition.  One of the most bizarre starts of the year occurred coming back to the green flag.  A bunch of cars got together sending six into a spin in turn four blocking the bottom side of the surface.  A red flag would soon follow as the track became 90% blocked with cars and safety vehicles.  The parking lot cleared out allowing the final green flag leg of the race to resume.  Scotty Weir took to the bottom on the restart wheel standing it down the frontstretch.  The wheel stand was cool to look at but did not get the job done allowing Justin Grant to take the victory.  Matt Westfall finished in second with Scotty Weir right on his back end finishing third.  Jack Hewitt was present in Best Performance Motorsports Victory Lane to present the trophy and get a picture with Grant.  Tyler Gunn and Dustin Ingle both advanced eight spots to finish fifth and eighth respectively picking up the hard charger award.  Each walked away with an additional $63 in honor of Jack Hewitt courtesy of Jeremy Vogel.

The Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints hit the track next for their 20 lap A-main.  Just under 30 cars signed in to compete resulting in a 10 lap B-main to transfer the final five starters.  Rod Henning, current points leader, picked up the victory with Ron Coleman, Bill Dunham, Brad Racer, and Becca Stiefel transferring to the A-main.  Ron Kimmel alongside Chase Dunham led the field to the green flag.  The start was absolutely perfect with the first three rows staying side-by-side for the entire first lap.  Finally on lap two, the formation fell apart showing the 66 of Dunham in the lead and Kimmel in second.  JR Wood, who started on the inside of row five, lost numerous spots with his 8JR went up and almost over the banking in turn two.  The field stayed green as Wood was able to save it at the cost of kicking up a large dust cloud down the back stretch.  The 00 of weekly driver Michael Helterbran found himself in the runner-up spot closing in on the halfway mark.  Dunham continued to literally kick up dust on Helterbran as he extended his lead drastically.  Scoring data shows Dunham had over a two second lead on Helterbran late in the race.  Dunham’s worst nightmare became reality when the 5J of Jack Hesson slowed to a crawl exiting turn one.  Something mechanically went wrong of the 5J causing him to make a one way trip to the trailer.  On the restart the E99 of Gage Etgen and the 4 of Tyler Street get together bringing the start back.  Dunham, dealing with his worst nightmare again, took the restart like a pro and held on to take the win.  Michael Helterbran finished in second with Rob Winks, who made a late move in the race, finishing third.  Dunham pulled into victory lane for the first time in his racing career and was absolutely speechless over his win.  Crew members on the 66 were hysterical holding back tears of joy.  Dunham picked up some extra cash courtesy of race sponsor Foz Speed Partz and Aero Wings.  Rod Henning finished just outside the top five picking up the Foz Speed Partz hard charger award advancing double digit positions.

The night came to a close with the Post Agri Service UMP Modifieds and their 20 lap feature.  Matt Twining picked up the victory of the B-main scoring an outside row eight starting spot.  Brian Post and Tom Treon led the field to the opening green flag.  Post won the drag race into turn one moving Treon back to second.  Jerry Bowersock, who started on the inside of row two, began to make a run on Treon in the 21T.  The 21T was no match for the X allowing Bowersock to take over second early on in the A-main.  Jerry Bowersock was a man on a mission.  By lap 3, he was putting a slider on Brian Post and taking control of the lead.  As soon as Bowersock took total control of the lead, Treon began to fall back in the field.  Something seemed to be a problem on the 21T as it dropped five spots in just two short laps.  The only caution in the entire feature would come with 13 laps to go when a drive shaft went sliding down the front stretch.  All cars were able to miss the debris after it bounced off the front guardrail and catchfence.  Officials removed the debris and prepared to return to green flag conditions.  The 58P of Jim Post decided to take his machine pitside and into the hot pit.  His crew was able to make repairs and get the 58P back onto the racing surface before the allotted three laps evaporated.  Bowersock led the field to the restart and got a great jump.  He began to put distance between himself and the 45P of Brian Post.  The other Bowersock, Scott, lost control of his number 10 coming to the cross flags.  No caution was thrown but his loss of control cost him some spots and almost took out Treon and Philipot in the process.  No one had anything for Jerry Bowersock, even when driving through lap traffic, giving him the victory.  Brian Post crossed second and Tony Anderson third.  Jim Szekacs advanced nine spots picking up the hard charger award.

Tim Cailicoat, driver who was injured in a rollover crash a few weeks ago, made a return to the race track Saturday.  Tim made a guest appearance in the Waynesfield Raceway Park pace truck to wave to the fans.  His recovery is going very well and expresses his most sincere gratitude to all the fans and drivers for their donations and thoughts following the accident.  Tim is not expected to return to action this season but does have plans to return as soon as possible.

Racing returns next Saturday, August 9 with Ohio vs Michigan night featuring a showdown between the Waynesfield Non Wing drivers and drivers of the Michigan Traditional Sprint series.  The Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints, Block Insurance Tough Trucks, and Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts are also on the program.  Adult general admissions is just $12, Kids 11-15 are $6 with 10 & under FREE.  Pit side gates open at 4PM and grandstand gates open at 5PM.  Warm Ups are scheduled for 6PM with the first green flag flying at 7PM.  Get all the latest information online at www.waynesfieldracewaypark.net, on Facebook, or by following @OfficialWRP on Twitter.

With Waynesfield Raceway Park being a proud Contingency Connection track this season, nearly $100,000 in contingency awards are up for grabs.  Contingency Connection sponsors offer product certificate coupons all season long; good towards your next purchase.  Contingency awards are in addition to cash purse payouts and make a big difference when racing bills come due.  See a Waynesfield Raceway Park official for details.



Buckeye Machine Non Wing Sprints (41 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 –  (8 Laps – Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 29-Logan Jarret[2]
2. 41-Thomas Meseraull[4]
3. 21-Travis Hery[3]
4. 2I-Dustin Ingle[5]
5. 5A-Toby Alfrey[1]
6. 99-Todd Kane[8]
7. 12H-Tim Hunter[9]
8. 63-Huston Hewitt[10]
9. 7M-Brandon Moore[11]
10. 19-Jimmy Snead[7]
11. 3J-John Beaber[6]

Heat 2 –  (8 Laps – Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 40-Justin Grant[4]
2. 2B-Mike Dunlap[1]
3. 18K-Todd Keen[3]
4. 17B-Nick Bilbee[6]
5. 23S-Kyle Simon[2]
6. 24P-Tyler Hewitt[7]
7. 33M-Cody Swanson[8]
8. 71-Stratton Briggs[9]
9. 14-Cooper Clouse[5]
10. 87-Paul Dues[10]

Heat 3 –  (8 Laps – Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 18X-Scotty Weir[4]
2. 54-Matt Westfall[3]
3. 3T-Tony Beaber[2]
4. 9N-Luke Hall[8]
5. 31-Tom Rhodes[1]
6. 2M-Beau Stewart[6]
7. 6-Cody Gardner[5]
8. 63D-Jim Dues[7]
9. 5-Mark Silva[9]
10. 12B-Don Ryder[10]

Heat 4 –  (8 Laps – Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. O-Steve Irwin[3]
2. 22S-Dallas Hewitt[2]
3. 14C-Andy Conley[5]
4. 68G-Tyler Gunn[1]
5. 24L-Lee Underwood[6]
6. 17-Kevin Myers[8]
7. 12-Kent Wolters[4]
8. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh[7]
9. 14G-Gary Campbell[10]
10. 69R-Brian Gross[9]

Dash –  (6 Laps, finishing order determined first 8 starting positions of A-feature
1. 2B-Mike Dunlap[1]
2. 40-Justin Grant[4]
3. 54-Matt Westfall[7]
4. O-Steve Irwin[5]
5. 29-Logan Jarret[6]
6. 18X-Scotty Weir[8]
7. 41-Thomas Meseraull[3]
8. 22S-Dallas Hewitt[2]

B-Main #1 –  (10 Laps – Top 2 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 23S-Kyle Simon[1]
2. 14-Cooper Clouse[2]
3. 99-Todd Kane[9]
4. 12H-Tim Hunter[10]
5. 5A-Toby Alfrey[3]
6. 87-Paul Dues[11]
7. 7M-Brandon Moore[13]
8. 33M-Cody Swanson[5]
9. 19-Jimmy Snead[8]
10. 71-Stratton Briggs[7]
11. 63-Huston Hewitt[12]
12. 3J-John Beaber[6]
13. 24P-Tyler Hewitt[4]

B-Main #2 –  (10 Laps – Top 2 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 2M-Beau Stewart[2]
2. 6-Cody Gardner[1]
3. 24L-Lee Underwood[6]
4. 31-Tom Rhodes[4]
5. 12-Kent Wolters[3]
6. 63D-Jim Dues[5]
7. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh[8]
8. 17-Kevin Myers[10]
9. 5-Mark Silva[9]
10. 14G-Gary Campbell[7]
11. 12B-Don Ryder[11]
12. 69R-Brian Gross[12]

A-Main –  (30 Laps)
1. 40-Justin Grant[2]
2. 54-Matt Westfall[3]
3. 18X-Scotty Weir[6]
4. O-Steve Irwin[4]
5. 2I-Dustin Ingle[13]
6. 29-Logan Jarret[5]
7. 14C-Andy Conley[12]
8. 68G-Tyler Gunn[16]
9. 41-Thomas Meseraull[7]
10. 17B-Nick Bilbee[14]
11. 3T-Tony Beaber[11]
12. 21-Travis Hery[9]
13. 6-Cody Gardner[20]
14. 22S-Dallas Hewitt[8]
15. 23S-Kyle Simon[17]
16. 14-Cooper Clouse[19]
17. 2B-Mike Dunlap[1]
18. 2M-Beau Stewart[18]
19. 18K-Todd Keen[10]
20. 9N-Luke Hall[15]
Hard Charger: 2I-Dustin Ingle[+8]

Post AgriService UMP Modifieds (26 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 –  (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 44-Zach Schroeder[2]
2. X-Jerry Bowersock[6]
3. 54-Matt Westfall[7]
4. 58P-Jim Post[1]
5. 18-Ryan Sutter[9]
6. k9-Scott Gerdeman[8]
7. 55S-Jim Szekacs[5]
8. 10H-Brad Hess[4]
9. 20M-Josh Morton[3]

Heat 2 –  (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 10-Scott Bowersock[3]
2. 21T-Tom Treon[1]
3. 34X-Brandon Vaughan[9]
4. 4J-David Treon[7]
5. 24-Terry Grilliot[8]
6. 93-Josh Greber[4]
7. 55-Denny Szekacs[2]
8. 26-Mike Dirksen[6]
9. 18N-Andy Bibler[5]

Heat 3 –  (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 22T-Tony Anderson[4]
2. 45P-Brian Post[8]
3. ZERO-Brent Hole[7]
4. 52-Weasel Phlipot[2]
5. 112-Chris Ullery[1]
6. M1G-Matt Twining[5]
7. 20K-Bill Keeler[6]
8. 5H-Brian Hogan[3]

B-Main –  (10 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. M1G-Matt Twining[3]
2. 20K-Bill Keeler[6]
3. 55S-Jim Szekacs[4]
4. 93-Josh Greber[2]
5. 26-Mike Dirksen[8]
6. 55-Denny Szekacs[5]
7. 5H-Brian Hogan[9]
8. 18N-Andy Bibler[11]
9. K9-Scott Gerdeman[1]

A-Main –  (20 Laps)
1. X-Jerry Bowersock[3]
2. 45P-Brian Post[1]
3. 22t-Tony Anderson[4]
4. 54-Matt Westfall[7]
5. 10-Scott Bowersock[5]
6. 52-Weasel Phlipot[12]
7. 24-Terry Grilliot[14]
8. 18-Ryan Sutter[13]
9. 55S-Jim Szekacs[18]
10. M1G-Matt Twining[16]
11. 58P-Jim Post[10]
12. 4J-David Treon[11]
13. 20K-Bill Keeler[17]
14. 21T-Tom Treon[2]
15. 93-Josh Greber[19]
16. 26-Mike Dirksen[20]
17. 112-Chris Ullery[15]
18. Zero-Brent Hole[9]
19. 34X-Brandon Vaughan[8]
Hard Charger: 55S-Jim Szekacs[+9]

Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints (28 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 –  (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. OO-Michael Helterbran[5]
2. 55-Rob Winks[8]
3. 22-Gunnar Lucius[4]
4. 4-Tyler Street[6]
5. 42-Ty Tilton[7]
6. 28H-Rod Henning[9]
7. IVO-Andrew Heitkamp[3]
8. 77-Scott Sullenberger[2]
9. 1C-Cole McKinney[10]
10. 44-Ron Coleman[1]

Heat 2 –  (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 96-Riley VanHise[4]
2. 66-Chase Dunham[6]
3. 20-Tyler Kendall[2]
4. 63-Dallas Hunt[3]
5. 5J-Jake Hesson[5]
6. `11-Corey Bedwell[7]
7. 50-Craig Stower[8]
8. 17-Darin Collin[1]
9. 22B-Brad Racer[9]

Heat 3 –  (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 14-Gary Campbell[2]
2. 28K-Ron Kimmel[1]
3. 8JR-JR Wood[3]
4. E99-Gage Etgen[6]
5. 28J-Chris Bounds[8]
6. 328-Becca Stiefel[7]
7. 81H-Anthony Haas[5]
8. 84-Bill Dunham[4]
9. 3D-Cody Downard[9]

B-Main –  (10 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 28H-Rod Henning[1]
2. 44-Ron Coleman[13]
3. 84-Bill Dunham[9]
4. 22B-Brad Racer[11]
5. 328-Becca Stiefel[3]
6. `11-Corey Bedwell[2]
7. 81H-Anthony Haas[6]
8. IVO-Andrew Heitkamp[4]
9. 17-Darin Collin[8]
10. 77-Scott Sullenberger[7]
11. 1C-Cole McKinney[10]

A-Main –  (20 Laps)
1. 66-Chase Dunham[2]
2. OO-Michael Helterbran[6]
3. 55-Rob Winks[3]
4. 14-Gary Campbell[4]
5. 28K-Ron Kimmel[1]
6. 28H-Rod Henning[16]
7. 22-Gunnar Lucius[7]
8. 96-Riley VanHise[5]
9. 63-Dallas Hunt[11]
10. 4-Tyler Street[10]
11. 8JR-JR Wood[9]
12. 44-Ron Coleman[17]
13. 22B-Brad Racer[19]
14. 28J-Chris Bounds[15]
15. 84-Bill Dunham[18]
16. 328-Becca Stiefel[20]
17. E99-Gage Etgen[12]
18. 5J-Jake Hesson[14]
19. 20-Tyler Kendall[8]
20. 42-Ty Tilton[13]
Hard Charger: 28H-Rod Henning[+10]

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