Hannagan Takes Summer Sprint Sizzler – July 3, 2018

Hannagan Takes Summer Sprint Sizzler
July 3, 2018

WAYNESFIELD, Ohio (7/3/18) – A sprint car lover’s dream event took place Tuesday night at Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio.  The event dubbed the Summer Sprint Sizzler featured four divisions of winged sprint car racing, attracting some of the best racing talent in the Midwest.  The K&L Ready Mix NRA Sprint Invaders headlined the program running for a $4000 to win payday.  The F.A.S.T 410 and 305 sprints cars also joined the program running for $3000 and $1500 respectfully.  Waynesfield’s very own Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints rounded out the program running for a $500 to win payday.

The K&L Ready Mix NRA Sprint Invaders headlined the night of speed racing for $4000.  The race was brought to the opening green flag by Fremont, Ohio’s Phil Gressman and Cloverdale, Ohio’s Jared Horstman.  As the field entered turn one, several cars got together bringing out the red flag.  The incident collected Max Stambaugh, Danny Smith, Jared Horstman, and Butch Schroder.  All four drivers were credited with finishing 15th-18th in the A-Main.  On the restart, Phil Gressman took the lead and led the opening lap.  Lima’s Tim Allison had a great run early in the race and moved into the third spot after starting on the outside of row ten.  Once in third, Allison started to battle with Shawn Dancer for the runner-up spot.  The two drivers traded sliders lap after lap dueling for the second spot.  As the battle continued, the Hurricane, Randy Hannagan started to make a surge through the field from his 5th starting spot.  Hannagan was sly on his run and jumped into the third spot and then the second spot with just 13 laps to go.  With Gressman in lap traffic, Hannagan made a run for the lead and sealed the deal with just 10 laps remaining in the main.  A late race yellow did not phase Hannagan giving him the victory and the $4000 check.  Gressman finished second with Allison finishing in third.  Hannagan also picked up an additional $1500 Tuesday night for claiming the NRA Sprint Invader points fund increasing his winnings to $5500.  Gressman, Hannagan, and Schroder picked up the heat race victories.  Gressman set fast time with an 11.016 second lap.

The Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints took the track for a $500 to win payday.  Piqua, Ohio’s Becca Stiefel led the field to green with Blacklick, Ohio’s Nick Daugherty to her outside.  The field started to string out in the early laps until the 17P of Austin Powell made a run for the lead.  Being so strung out caused lap traffic to come very quickly in the main for Powell as he took the lead and sliced through lap traffic with just 7 laps in the books.  Powell’s car was hooked up and flying as he extended his lead to 2.5 seconds.  As Powell pulled away, the action moved to second where Stiefel and Brad Strunk battled with just 12 laps to go.  Stiefel managed to hold off Strunk’s charge while being deep in lap traffic.  In the end, Powell came away with the victory by almost 8 seconds.  Becca Stiefel finished in second with Brad Strunk finishing in third.  Stiefel, Daugherty, and Chris Bounds took home the heat race wins.  Brad Strunk set a new track record with a lap time of 12.867 seconds.

Vienna, West Virginia’s Cale Conley held off Craig Mintz to score his first ever All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST 410 Championship Series Presented by Ohio Logistics win Tuesday, July 3 at the Summer Sprint Sizzler at Waynesfield Raceway Park. While Conley led all 30 laps, the victory wasn’t easy as Mintz, the current series point leader and a two-time FAST champion, closed quickly the last four circuits to finish right on the rear bumper of Conley’s Dave Jessup owned sprint car.

“I had a feeling someone was there. They are never easy. I’m living the absolute dream…not many guys can say they are living their childhood dream and I’m one of them. I have to thank the man up above and thank Mother Nature for not raining on us today. What a cool thing…my fiancée is here and she’s pregnant so if it’s a boy we might have to him Wayne,” Conley said beside his Merchant Services LTD/All Star Performance/PPC Powder coating/Brookville Auto Parts/Duncan Oil backed machine.

Mintz, from Gibsonburg, Ohio, will walk away with an expanded FAST point with his runner-up finish aboard his Eagle Ignition Leads/Real Geese Decoys/Design Graphics Group/KS Sales & Service/Anjulina’s Banquet Hall/Linder’s Speed Equipment backed #09.

“We will take it. We weren’t any better than that 7K car. We were just creeping there, creeping there, creeping there. It was one of those deals where you get into second and you’re in the cat bird seat but it just didn’t work out. I want to thank Waynesfield. I enjoy racing here,” Mintz said.

Dalton, Ohio’s Lee Jacobs ran through the first half of the race after setting quick time during qualifications and settled for a third place finish aboard the Simcox Grinding and Steel/Amanda J. Lewis Attorney At Law/DAC Vitamins and Minerals/Wings Unlimited backed #81.

“We had a really really good race car. That first caution my right foot started getting ice cold then my leg then my leg started getting cold…we had a heck of a fuel leak. I started taking it easy and making sure I didn’t get all the way out of the gas going into the corners so we didn’t get any back firing,” Jacobs said.

Fremont, Ohio’s John Ivy has a lot of top five finishes in 2018 but none for a win. That changed Tuesday as he powered to his first win in the JLH General Contractor FAST 305 Championship Series Presented by Engine Pro. Ivy, aboard the C&N Construction Supplies/Ginnever Trucking/L&R Farms/SMS Racing/Rohr’s Lawn Care/Mr. Appliance/Kistler Racing Products/Kercher Engines/Sonny’s Machine & Welding/Dave Story Equipment Repair/MRE/Tiffany’s Furniture/Linder’s Speed Equipment/North Coast Asphalt/Atkinson Farms backed machine, led all 25 laps for the victory. However, Ivy didn’t gain many points toward the FAST title, as Jamie Miller, who came into Tuesday’s race having won four straight series races, finished third in the A-main.

“We’ve been pretty good here. We won this race last year and this year we have a lot of seconds. We got to start up front and that helped. I have to thank everyone on this team. They had this thing locked down tonight. With lapped traffic there…you don’t know what to do when you run up on them that quickly. I know I got bottled up there a little bit and I knew I had to get going,” Ivy said.

Conley and Jacobs brought the field to green for the 30-lap FAST 410 A-main with Conley gaining the advantage. Conley maintained a car length advantage over Jacobs and Mintz while Shawn Dancer, Stuart Brubaker, Chris Andrews and 15th place starter Cap Henry – who scored the Summer Sprint Sizzler win in 2017 at Waynesfield – battling hard for fourth.

Conley caught the back of the field with 10 laps scored but neither Jacobs or Mintz could close. Meanwhile the huge crowd were entertained by the battle four fourth between Brubaker, Dancer, Andrews, Tyler Gunn and Henry. The first caution flew at the half-way point when DJ Foos executed a 360 spin and Dan McCarron spun to avoid him.

With a clear track Conley pulled away from Jacobs as Mintz now had his hands full with Henry and Andrews. Jess Stiger brought out the second and last caution of the event on lap 17 with the running order Conley, Jacobs, Mintz, Henry, Andrews, Gunn and Brubaker. When the green flew so did Conley with Mintz driving into second on lap 19 with Jacobs holding off Henry, Andrews, Gunn and 18th starter Cole Duncan who had experienced mechanical woes in qualifying.

Conley closed on the back of the field again with four laps to go and Mintz quickly closed to within half a car length while Jacobs, Gunn, Henry and Duncan battled for third. Conley picked his way through traffic and held off Mintz for the win. Following Jacobs were Henry, Gunn, Duncan, Andrews, Jac Haudenschild, Brubaker and Dancer rounding out the top 10.

In the FAST 305 A-main Ivy and Miller brought the field to green with Ivy gaining the upper hand over Miller, Dustin Stroup, Kyle Capodice and Bobby Clark. Ivy began to pull away as Miller was forced to fend off Stroup with Capodice moving into fourth and Seth Schneider taking fifth.

With 10 laps to go in the non-stop 25-lap feature, Ivy was battling heavy lapped traffic and Miller and Stroup closed quickly. Stroup took second with five laps to go and was within a car length of Ivy who was hung up on a couple of lapped cars. Ivy was able to slip by the lappers and drove to the win over Stroup, Miller, Clark, Capodice, Schneider, Tyler Street, Kyle Peters, Dustin Rall and Matt Lucius.

Racing returns to Waynesfield Raceway Park this Saturday night, July 7th with the yearly running of the Dick Spencer Memorial featuring the BOSS Non-Wing Sprint cars running for a $1500 to win payday.  The Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints return for an increased payout of $700 to win.  The Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts will close out the night of racing.  Grandstand gates open at 5PM; racing gets underway at 7PM.  Adult general admission is just $15.

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AMSA Mini Sprints – Performance Powder Coating

1.93S-Holtt Spitler, 0.991; 2.2S-Brad Strunk, 12.867; 3.65-Chris Bounds, 12.876; 4.17P-Austin Powell, 12.973; 5.88-Tayte Williamson, 12.981; 6.4-Andrew Heitkamp, 13.195; 7.44-Ron Coleman, 13.226; 8.14D-Nick Daugherty , 13.295; 9.81H-Anthony Haas, 13.332; 10.328-Becca Stiefel, 13.491; 11.22K-Justin Kirk, 13.533; 12.22B-Brad Racer, 13.633; 13.41J-Jeremy Powley, 13.635; 14.31-Jac Nickles, 13.686; 15.7X-Taylor Cox, 14.285; 16.90-Matt Freeman, 14.361; 17.21B-Ryan Barr, 14.414; 18.6X-Adam Schmenk, 14.739; 19.X-Andy Martin, 15.286; 20.11J-James Moore, 16.211; 21.50-Marty Spitler, 17.735;

Heat 1 – (8 Laps)
1. 328-Becca Stiefel[1] ; 2. 17P-Austin Powell[3] ; 3. 44-Ron Coleman[2] ; 4. 90-Matt Freeman[6] ; 5. X-Andy Martin[7] ; 6. 41J-Jeremy Powley[5] ; 7. 93S-Holtt Spitler[4]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps)
1. 14D-Nick Daugherty [2] ; 2. 2S-Brad Strunk[4] ; 3. 22K-Justin Kirk[1] ; 4. 31-Jac Nickles[5] ; 5. 21B-Ryan Barr[6] ; 6. 11J-James Moore[7] ; 7. 88-Tayte Williamson[3]

Heat 3 – (8 Laps)
1. 65-Chris Bounds[4] ; 2. 81H-Anthony Haas[2] ; 3. 22B-Brad Racer[1] ; 4. 4-Andrew Heitkamp[3] ; 5. 7X-Taylor Cox[5] ; 6. 6X-Adam Schmenk[6] ; 7. 50-Marty Spitler[7]

A-Main 1 – (20 Laps)
1. 17P-Austin Powell[4] ; 2. 328-Becca Stiefel[1] ; 3. 2S-Brad Strunk[5] ; 4. 44-Ron Coleman[7] ; 5. 81H-Anthony Haas[6] ; 6. 31-Jac Nickles[11] ; 7. 4-Andrew Heitkamp[12] ; 8. 22B-Brad Racer[9] ; 9. 21B-Ryan Barr[14] ; 10. 41J-Jeremy Powley[16] ; 11. 7X-Taylor Cox[15] ; 12. 6X-Adam Schmenk[18] ; 13. 90-Matt Freeman[10] ; 14. 22K-Justin Kirk[8] ; 15. 50-Marty Spitler[21] ; 16. 65-Chris Bounds[3] ; 17. 88-Tayte Williamson[20] ; 18. 11J-James Moore[17]

NRA Sprint Invaders – K&L Ready Mix

1.7C-Phil Gressman, 11.016; 2.22H-Randy Hannagan , 11.127; 3.28H-Hud Horton , 11.195; 4.85-Dustin Daggett, 11.232; 5.5M-Max Stambaugh , 11.241; 6.2F-Matt Foos, 11.282; 7.49-Shawn Dancer , 11.288; 8.23-Devon Dobie , 11.299; 9.B20-Butch Schroder, 11.401; 10.11-Tim Allison , 11.420; 11.12-Kody Swanson, 11.493; 12.17-Jared Horstman , 11.509; 13.24-Kobe Allison, 11.535; 14.33M-Matt Westfall, 11.556; 15.34-Luke Hall, 11.616; 16.4-Danny Smith, 11.750; 17.37-Noah Dunlap, 11.824; 18.5W-Jeff Williams , 11.836;

Heat 1 – (8 Laps)
1. 7C-Phil Gressman[4] ; 2. 49-Shawn Dancer [2] ; 3. 85-Dustin Daggett[3] ; 4. 11-Tim Allison [1] ; 5. 4-Danny Smith[6] ; 6. 24-Kobe Allison[5]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps)
1. 22H-Randy Hannagan [4] ; 2. 23-Devon Dobie [2] ; 3. 5M-Max Stambaugh [3] ; 4. 12-Kody Swanson[1] ; 5. 33M-Matt Westfall[5] ; 6. 37-Noah Dunlap[6]

Heat 3 – (8 Laps)
1. B20-Butch Schroder[2] ; 2. 17-Jared Horstman [1] ; 3. 2F-Matt Foos[3] ; 4. 28H-Hud Horton [4] ; 5. 5W-Jeff Williams [6] ; 6. 34-Luke Hall[5]

A-Main 1 – (25 Laps)
1. 22H-Randy Hannagan [5] ; 2. 7C-Phil Gressman[1] ; 3. 11-Tim Allison [10] ; 4. 49-Shawn Dancer [4] ; 5. 33M-Matt Westfall[14] ; 6. 85-Dustin Daggett[7] ; 7. 23-Devon Dobie [3] ; 8. 28H-Hud Horton [12] ; 9. 34-Luke Hall[18] ; 10. 12-Kody Swanson[11] ; 11. 2F-Matt Foos[9] ; 12. 5W-Jeff Williams [15] ; 13. 37-Noah Dunlap[17] ; 14. 24-Kobe Allison[16] ; 15. 4-Danny Smith[13] ; 16. 17-Jared Horstman [2] ; 17. B20-Butch Schroder[6] ; 18. 5M-Max Stambaugh [8]

F.A.S.T 305 Sprint Cars – JLH Company General Contractors

1.26-Jamie Miller, 11.787; 2.77I-John Ivy, 11.822; 3.4*-Tyler Street, 11.893; 4.21-Dustin Stroup, 12.020; 5.12-Kyle Capodice, 12.075; 6.97-Kyle Peters, 12.094; 7.9R-Dustin Rall, 12.136; 8.8-Bobby Clark, 12.168; 9.36-Seth Schneider, 12.189; 10.7M-Brandon Moore, 12.310; 11.47-Matt Lucius, 12.359; 12.25-Matt Russell, 12.631; 13.01-Dustin Hammond, 12.695;

Heat 1 – (8 Laps)
1. 12-Kyle Capodice[2] ; 2. 26-Jamie Miller[4] ; 3. 4*-Tyler Street[3] ; 4. 36-Seth Schneider[5] ; 5. 9R-Dustin Rall[1] ; 6. 47-Matt Lucius[6] ; 7. 01-Dustin Hammond[7]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps)
1. 77I-John Ivy[4] ; 2. 21-Dustin Stroup[3] ; 3. 8-Bobby Clark[1] ; 4. 7M-Brandon Moore[5] ; 5. 97-Kyle Peters[2] ; 6. 25-Matt Russell[6]

A-Main 1 – (25 Laps)
1. 77I-John Ivy[1] ; 2. 21-Dustin Stroup[4] ; 3. 26-Jamie Miller[2] ; 4. 8-Bobby Clark[6] ; 5. 12-Kyle Capodice[3] ; 6. 36-Seth Schneider[7] ; 7. 4*-Tyler Street[5] ; 8. 97-Kyle Peters[10] ; 9. 9R-Dustin Rall[9] ; 10. 47-Matt Lucius[11] ; 11. 01-Dustin Hammond[13] ; 12. 25-Matt Russell[12] ; 13. 7M-Brandon Moore[8]

FAST 410 Sprints –

1.81-Lee Jacobs, 10.896; 2.4H-Cap Henry, 10.909; 3.23-DJ Foos, 10.924; 4.20i-Kelsey Ivy, 10.943; 5.7K-Cale Conley, 10.967; 6.1-Nate Dussel, 10.968; 7.49-Shawn Dancer , 11.061; 8.16-Chris Andrews, 11.073; 9.68G-Tyler Gunn, 11.074; 10.9Z-Duane Zablocki, 11.099; 11.09-Craig Mintz, 11.223; 12.35-Stuart Brubaker, 11.234; 13.6-Jac Haudenschild, 11.310; 14.22M-Dan McCarron, 11.379; 15.19-Mitch Harble, 11.391; 16.8M-TJ Michael, 11.419; 17.12-Kody Swanson, 11.466; 18.2-Ricky Peterson, 11.488; 19.2L-Landon Lalonde, 11.561; 20.42-Ty Tilton, 11.614; 21.8J-Jess Stiger, 11.850; 22.83-Adam Cruea, 11.865; 23.4X-Bradley Ashford, 11.872; 24.12H-Luke Hall, 11.886; 25.96AU-Bruce White, 11.915; 26.22-Cole Duncan, 13.828;

Heat 1 – (8 Laps)
1. 49-Shawn Dancer [2] ; 2. 81-Lee Jacobs[4] ; 3. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[1] ; 4. 6-Jac Haudenschild[5] ; 5. 8M-TJ Michael[6] ; 6. 20i-Kelsey Ivy[3] ; 7. 83-Adam Cruea[8] ; 8. 96AU-Bruce White[9] ; 9. 2L-Landon Lalonde[7]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps)
1. 09-Craig Mintz[1] ; 2. 16-Chris Andrews[2] ; 3. 7K-Cale Conley[3] ; 4. 4H-Cap Henry[4] ; 5. 12-Kody Swanson[6] ; 6. 22M-Dan McCarron[5] ; 7. 22-Cole Duncan[9] ; 8. 42-Ty Tilton[7] ; 9. 4X-Bradley Ashford[8]

Heat 3 – (8 Laps)
1. 35-Stuart Brubaker[1] ; 2. 68G-Tyler Gunn[2] ; 3. 19-Mitch Harble[5] ; 4. 12H-Luke Hall[8] ; 5. 8J-Jess Stiger[7] ; 6. 2-Ricky Peterson[6] ; 7. 1-Nate Dussel[3] ; 8. 23-DJ Foos[4]

B-Main 1 – (10 Laps)
1. 1-Nate Dussel[6] ; 2. 20i-Kelsey Ivy[1] ; 3. 22-Cole Duncan[5] ; 4. 23-DJ Foos[9] ; 5. 22M-Dan McCarron[2] ; 6. 2-Ricky Peterson[3] ; 7. 83-Adam Cruea[4] ; 8. 96AU-Bruce White[7] ; 9. 2L-Landon Lalonde[10] ; 10. 42-Ty Tilton[8] ; 11. 4X-Bradley Ashford[11]

A-Main 1 – (30 Laps)
1. 7K-Cale Conley[1] ; 2. 09-Craig Mintz[4] ; 3. 81-Lee Jacobs[2] ; 4. 4H-Cap Henry[11] ; 5. 68G-Tyler Gunn[7] ; 6. 22-Cole Duncan[18] ; 7. 16-Chris Andrews[6] ; 8. 6-Jac Haudenschild[10] ; 9. 35-Stuart Brubaker[5] ; 10. 49-Shawn Dancer [3] ; 11. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[8] ; 12. 23-DJ Foos[19] ; 13. 19-Mitch Harble[9] ; 14. 22M-Dan McCarron[20] ; 15. 8M-TJ Michael[13] ; 16. 12-Kody Swanson[14] ; 17. 8J-Jess Stiger[15] ; 18. 12H-Luke Hall[12] ; 19. 20i-Kelsey Ivy[17] ; 20. 1-Nate Dussel[16]






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