Westfall Doubles Up At Waynesfield – June 7, 2014

Westfall Doubles Up At Waynesfield
June 7, 2014

Despite the plethora of activities taking place this weekend, car counts were close to the 100 mark with many new competitors in all classes hungry for their chance to visit the pertisgess Best Performance Motorsports Victory Lane.  Fans in the stands were treated with some great side-by-side action and tough love racing.  Several fans were able to take a piece of racing home with them as they were loud enough to score prizes courtesy of Tim’s Landscaping, American Wilderness Outfitters, and driver Craig Stower.  With the month of June in full swing, drivers are getting closer and closer to some of the biggest races of the year.

First cars to hit the track were the Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts for their 15 lap feature.  The 92 of Jeremy Niswonger, on his second night of the season, and the 12 of Buck Purtee were scheduled to lead the field to the green flag.  Purtee experienced mechanical problems preventing him from making the call.  Niswonger held the pole as David Yoder moved up beside him for the start.  As the field made their way down the back stretch, Purtee emerged from the pits and joined the rear of the field.  With the green flag in the air Niswonger took the early lead over the David Yoder.  The second half of the Yoder clan, Harvey, raced his way into third right behind David.  With Yoder squared occupying one and two, Niswonger knew he was going to have problems right away.  A few laps passed and David Yoder was able to successfully make a run for the lead.  The Yoder duo held down spots one and two with the 518 of Jordan Iiams, 66Z of Matt McKinnon, and the 74 of Lucas Fuller battling for spots three through five.  Three wide battles exchanged turn after turn with no one staying in the same position each time by the scoring line.  Harvey Yoder wanted some action himself and decided to take on David utilizing the outside lane.  Harvey simply ran out of time allowing David to pick up the win.  Harvey Yoder finished in second with Jordan Iiams in third.  Nick Glasgow advanced eight sports receiving the hard charger award.

The Block Insurance Tough Trucks were ready to rumble for their 15 lap feature.  The 71 of Chris Hicks and the 37 of Roy Miller led the field to the green flag.  Roy Miller jumped out to the lead with a great start with Chris Hicks picking up the pace in a hurry.  Bill Keeler and Curtis Rayle went side-by-side fighting for a third place spot.  Hicks was hungry for a victory and began to build the momentum to challenge Miller.  The run was cut short when the yellow flag waved for the 33 of Mike Hicks and the 60 of Jerry Sawmiller.  Hicks lost control for a brief moment causing the truck to spin longways leaving Sawmiller nowhere to go.  Both trucks received very minor damage and returned to the race.  The restart for Chris Hicks was a good one as he got a run on Miller into the second corner.  With laps winding down Hicks made a run on Miller.  Hicks and Miller went side-by-side throwing slidejobs left and right.  In the end Hicks came away with the lead moving Miller back to second.  Miller began to fade in the field just a bit allowing Bill Keeler and Mike Sawmiller to close in.  Coming to the white flag the battle continued going three wide at one point into turn two.  Bill Keeler pushed his truck a bit too high on the cushion allowing Sawmiller to get around at the line.  Chris Hicks picked up the victory and a visit to Best Performance Motorsports Victory Lane.  Mike Sawmiller scored a second place finish and hard charger award with Bill Keeler finishing third.

The Buckeye Machine Non Wing Sprints began to push off for their 25 lap A-main event.  With 24 cars signing in, a B-main was needed to complete the back portion of the starting grid.  In the B-main, Cooper Clouse picked up the win with Brad Powley finishing in the final transfer spot.  Kevin Myers in the 17 was well inside the transfer section of the B-main until his car went up and over the cushion off of turn four shuffling him back and looking in with a sixth place finish.  Kevin Klatte in the 2K and Andy Conley in the 14C led the A-main field to the green flag.  The thunder of the non wings road the cushion into turn one with Klatte jumping out to the lead.  Conley shuffled back just a bit allowing Dallas Hewitt to come into the mix.  The Yellow flag made an appearance on lap two when two competitors got together on the apron of turn two.  One of the drivers went up and over the wheel of the other resulting in the car going up in the air for a quick second.  The 24P of Dallas Hewitt utilized the caution to take a trip to the hot pit for service.  The visit to the hotpit turned out to be for nothing when Hewitt’s car slowed down the backstretch and stopping before making it into to the pit area.  Yellow was thrown again as push trucks pushed Hewitt to the trailer.  With five laps in the books, all eyes were on Matt Westfall.  Westfall managed to move six spots up to second and ready to challenge for the lead.  On the restart, Dallas Hewitt led the field to green and took off like a rocketship.  Hewitt was ready to show Westfall how you do it in a sprint car.  Lap after lap, Westfall was falling further and further back behind Hewitt as he slid around lap traffic.  Hewitt’s great success getting around lap traffic finally came to an end when he made contact with one of the lap cars sending him spinning around on the backstretch.  Hewitt was able to refire the car after a push start off the apron of the track.  With Hewitt restarting on the tail, Westfall inherited the top spot with just 12 laps remaining.  No one on the track had anything for Westfall allowing him to pick up the victory.  Todd Keen picked up the runner up spot with Cooper Clouse, who made it in through the B-main, finishing in third and receiving the hard charger award.  Westfall commented in Best Performance Motorsports Victory Lane that he has not had luck, mechanically, with the the sprint car and had to retrain himself on how to drive it during his eight lap heat race.

The Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints took the high banked oval next for 20 laps of action.  The 00 of Micheal Helterbran and the 22 of Gunnar Lucius were scheduled to lead the field to the green flag.  Helterbran required a push to get out onto the racing surface was never able to get the car fired for the A-main.  After one trip around the speedway with a push truck escort, Helterbran resorted to his pit stall unable to make the call.  Three other drivers were unable to make the call as well shuffling the lineup for the start.  When the green flag finally flew, it was Brad Racer and Gunnar Lucius taking it first.  One lap was scored when the yellow flag came out for debris on the top side of turn two.  The restart was then called back by race control as they were not happy with the way it looked.  Trial number two was a success allowing Racer to jump into the lead.  Lucius fell back and has some company to deal with.  Chris Bounds and Gary Campbell quickly closed in on Lucius creating a three way battle for second.  The trio pushed the limits going three wide off of turn two and continuing again off of turn four.  The battle came to a halt when the red flag flew for the 50 of Craig Stower who rolled his car upside down on the bottom side of turn two.  The wing suffered very minor damage allowing Stower to pull away from the scene and rejoin the field.  The three way battle for second continued as another racer began to close in on the lead pack.  Rod Henning, current point leader, was patient and waited for his cue to go after the lead.  Henning began to make a run when the caution came out for an incident off of turn four.  The 11 of Corey Bedwell and the 66 of Chase Dunham got together sending Bedwell flying through the infield and Dunham backwards.  Dunham needed some assistance getting off the apron when is nerf bar became stuck in the mud.  After being towed from the racing surface, cars bunched up and approached for a restart.  Henning knew it was time to move and he did just that.  Several laps following the restart, Henning was scored as the new leader moving Racer back to second.  A three wide battle began between Bounds, Racer, and Campbell for the third spot as laps winded down.  Rod Henning picked up the win.  Brad Racer finished in second and Chris Bounds in third.  Henning also received the Foz Speed Partz hard charger award advancing five spots.

The night came to a close with the Post Agri Service UMP Modifieds and their 20 lap feature.  Brent Hole in the 0 and Jim Post in the 58P led the field to the green flag.  Matt Westfall was ready to go two for two on the night as he looked on from his inside row two starting spot.  Trouble struck in the first corner as Post squared, Jim and Brian, got together starting a parking lot of competitors in turn one.  The 20K of Bill Keeler, 93 of Josh Greber, and the 52 of Weasel Philipot were also involved in the collision.  The trouble continued on the next restart in turn two when the 24 of Terry Grilliot and Josh Greber got together and spun on the inside of the track.  Third time was a charm for Westfall as he took off and began to challenge for the lead.  Brent Hole did not even have a chance to think as Westfall put the slider on him off of turn four.  A lap two caution for debris had Westfall scored in the top spot.  The race would stay caution free for the remainder allowing Westfall to do what he does best, drive fast.  Westfall did just that and extended his one second lead over Hole to over ten seconds with under five laps to go.  Hole was trying to close the gap while also holding off Tim Cornett who was trying to better his position.  Trading slidejobs each and every lap worked best for Hole as he held on to second.  Matt Westfall picked up the win by over ten seconds.  Brent Hole finished in second with Tim Cornett in third.  The 44 of Zach Shroeder picked up the hard charger award advancing fourteen spots to finish just outside the top five.

Racing returns to Waynesfield Raceway Park next Saturday night with another full program of racing including the Buckeye Machine Non Wing Sprints, Post Agri Service UMP Modifieds, Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints, Block Insurance Agency Tuff Trucks and the Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts.  In addition to racing, it will be meet the drivers night.  All fans in attendance will have the opportunity to meet and greet with the weekend warriors who compete every Saturday night.  Fans are encouraged to bring items to be autographed as Waynesfield t-shirts and hats are available for purchase as well.  Many prizes will be up for grabs in conjunction with the event and Best Performance Motorsports will also be on hand with their merchandise trailer.  Adult general admissions is just $12, Kids 11-15 are $6 with 10 & under FREE.  Pit side gates open at 4PM and grandstand gates open at 5PM.  Warm Ups are scheduled for 6PM with the first green flag flying at 7PM.  Get all the latest information online at www.waynesfieldracewaypark.net, on Facebook, or by following @OfficialWRP on Twitter.

Lots of great Contingency Connection awards were given away Saturday night with even more coming in the weeks to come.  Waynesfield Raceway Park is a proud Contingency Connection track with nearly $100,000 in contingency awards up for grabs in 2014!  Contingency Connection sponsors offer product certificate coupons all season long; good towards your next purchase.  Contingency awards are in addition to cash purse payouts and make a big difference when racing bills come due!  More information on the Contingency Connection is available online at www.waynesfieldracewaypark.net or by speaking with a track official at the races.



Buckeye Machine Non Wing Sprints (24 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 54-Matt Westfall[1]
2. 2-Dustin Ingle[4]
3. 14C-Andy Conley[2]
4. 24P-Tyler Hewitt[7]
5. 24L-Lee Underwood[8]
6. 14-Cooper Clouse[6]
7. 23S-Kyle Simon[3]
8. 8-Lewie Christian[5]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 9N-Luke Hall[1]
2. 22S-Dallas Hewitt[6]
3. 2K-Kevin Klatte[2]
4. 18-Todd Keen[7]
5. 2B-Mike Dunlap[3]
6. 53-Steve Little[4]
7. 43G-Rob Guy[5]
8. 63-Huston Hewitt[8]

Heat 3 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 19-Jimmy Snead[2]
2. 5W-Jeff Williams[3]
3. 48-Tommy Kerce[4]
4. 22J-Thomas McCance[6]
5. 5-Mark Silva[7]
6. 41J-Brad Powley[8]
7. 17-Kevin Myers[1]
8. 71-Stratton Briggs[5]

B-Main – (10 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 14-Cooper Clouse[1]
2. 23S-Kyle Simon[4]
3. 43G-Rob Guy[5]
4. 71-Stratton Briggs[9]
5. 41J-Brad Powley[3]
6. 17-Kevin Myers[6]
7. 53-Steve Little[2]
8. 63-Huston Hewitt[8]
9. 8-Lewie Christian[7]

A-Main –  (25 Laps)
1. 54-Matt Westfall[8]
2. 18-Todd Keen[11]
3. 14-Cooper Clouse[16]
4. 19-Jimmy Snead[6]
5. 9N-Luke Hall[7]
6. 22S-Dallas Hewitt[4]
7. 23S-Kyle Simon[17]
8. 2K-Kevin Klatte[1]
9. 2B-Mike Dunlap[14]
10. 2-Dustin Ingle[5]
11. 71-Stratton Briggs[19]
12. 48-Tommy Kerce[9]
13. 14c-Andy Conley[2]
14. 43g-Rob Guy[18]
15. 41j-Brad Powley[20]
16. 5-Mark Silva[15]
17. 24l-Lee Underwood[13]
18. 5w-Jeff Williams[3]
19. 22j-Thomas McCance[12]
20. 24P-Tyler Hewitt[10]
Hard Charger: 14-Cooper Clouse[+13]

Post AgriService UMP Modifieds (20 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 12 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 45P-Brian Post[2]
2. 58P-Jim Post[1]
3. O-Derrick Austin[3]
4. 20K-Bill Keeler[9]
5. 52-Weasel Phlipot[7]
6. 93-Josh Greber[8]
7. 24-Terry Grilliot[10]
8. 4J-David Treon[5]
9. 5-Brian Hogan[4]
10. 10H-Brad Hess[6]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 12 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 54-Matt Westfall[8]
2. ZERO-Brent Hole[2]
3. 36-Brandon Vaughan[10]
4. 11JS-Josh Scott[5]
5. 35-Tim Cornett[7]
6. M1G-Matt Twining[1]
7. 23-Frank Watkins[6]
8. 20-Jamie Phlipot[3]
9. K9-Scott Gerdeman[4]
10. 44-Zach Schroeder[9]

A-Main – (20 Laps)
1. 54-Matt Westfall[3]
2. ZERO-Brent Hole[1]
3. 35-Tim Cornett[10]
4. 58P-Jim Post[2]
5. 36-Brandon Vaughan[6]
6. 44-Zach Schroeder[20]
7. 10H-Brad Hess[19]
8. O-Derrick Austin[5]
9. 23-Frank Watkins[14]
10. M1G-Matt Twining[12]
11. 4J-David Treon[15]
12. 24-Terry Grilliot[13]
13. 20-Jamie Phlipot[16]
14. 52-Weasel Phlipot[9]
15. 11JS-Josh Scott[8]
16. 45p-Brian Post[4]
17. 20k-Bill Keeler[7]
18. 93-Josh Greber[11]
19. k9-Scott Gerdeman[18]
Hard Charger: 44-Zach Schroeder[+14]

Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints (21 Cars)

[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 12 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 28J-Chris Bounds[2]
2. 63-Dallas Hunt[3]
3. 22-Gunnar Lucius[1]
4. 51-Jim Gordner[6]
5. E99-Gage Etgen[5]
6. 55-Rob Winks[7]
7. 50-Craig Stower[4]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 12 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 14-Gary Campbell[2]
2. 11-Corey Bedwell[1]
3. OO-Michael Helterbran[5]
4. 28K-Ron Kimmel[3]
5. 8JR-JR Wood[6]
6. 66-Chase Dunham[7]
7. 53-Jimmy Wood[4]

Heat 3 – (8 Laps – Top 12 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 28H-Rod Henning[1]
2. 22B-Brad Racer[2]
3. 81H-Anthony Haas[5]
4. 96-Riley VanHise[6]
5. IVO-Andrew Heitkamp[4]
6. 17-Darin Collin[3]
7. 20-Tyler Kendau[7]

A-Main – (20 Laps)
1. 28H-Rod Henning[6]
2. 22B-Brad Racer[3]
3. 28J-Chris Bounds[8]
4. 14-Gary Campbell[7]
5. 22-Gunnar Lucius[2]
6. 51-Jim Gordner[10]
7. 28K-Ron Kimmel[11]
8. 81H-Anthony Haas[9]
9. E99-Gage Etgen[13]
10. 8JR-JR Wood[14]
11. 96-Riley VanHise[12]
12. IVO-Andrew Heitkamp[15]
13. 17-Darin Collin[18]
14. 50-Craig Stower[19]
15. 11-Corey Bedwell[4]
16. 66-Chase Dunham[17]
17. 53-Jimmy Wood[20]
Hard Charger: 28H-Rod Henning[+5]

Block Insurance Tough Trucks (16 Trucks)
[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 11 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 33-Mike Hicks[1]
2. 3M-Curtis Rayle[2]
3. 37-Roy Miller[4]
4. 1S-Mike Sawmiller[6]
5. 1J-J.J Butler[5]
6. 316-Ben Hower[8]
7. 0J-Shane Jacobs[3]
8. 82-Kevin Knittle[7]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 11 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 60-Jerry Sawmiller[1]
2. 20K-Bill Keeler[5]
3. 71-Chris Hicks[3]
4. C01-Kenny Osborne[4]
5. 70-Terry Klopfenstein[7]
6. 710-Ben Werling[6]
7. 28-Larry Fox[2]
8. 24J-Joe Carl[8]

A-Main – (15 Laps)
1. 71-Chris Hicks[1]
2. 1S-Mike Sawmiller[7]
3. 20K-Bill Keeler[3]
4. 37-Roy Miller[2]
5. 3M-Curtis Rayle[4]
6. 33-Mike Hicks[6]
7. 1J-J.J Butler[9]
8. C01-Kenny Osborne[8]
9. 710-Ben Werling[12]
10. 60-Jerry Sawmiller[5]
11. 70-Terry Klopfenstein[10]
12. 0J-Shane Jacobs[13]
13. 28-Larry Fox[14]
14. 316-Ben Hower[11]
Hard Charger: 1S-Mike Sawmiller[+5]

Indian Lake Outfitters Compacts (18 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 10 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 27S-Cody Sanders[1]
2. 95-David Yoder[7]
3. 12-Buck Purtee[2]
4. 34-James sorrel[4]
5. 16-Jason Long[8]
6. 1H-Jeff Zwiebel[6]
7. 49-Ethan Pope[3]
8. 71-Kolton Waughtel[9]
9. 85G-Nick Glasgow[5]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 10 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 82-Harvey Yoder[6]
2. 66Z-Matt McKinnon[4]
3. 92-Jeremy Niswonger[5]
4. 518-Jordan Iiams[9]
5. 74-Lucas Fuller[2]
6. 30-Keith Staley[1]
7. 21-Justin Pope[3]
8. 27X-Robbie Tuttle[8]
9. 2-Austin Eaton[7]

A-Main – (15 Laps)
1. 95-David Yoder[4]
2. 82-Harvey Yoder[5]
3. 518-Jordan Iiams[8]
4. 74-Lucas Fuller[10]
5. 66Z-Matt McKinnon[3]
6. 34-James sorrel[7]
7. 1H-Jeff Zwiebel[11]
8. 16-Jason Long[9]
9. 85G-Nick Glasgow[17]
10. 30-Keith Staley[12]
11. 27S-Cody Sanders[6]
12. 92-Jeremy Niswonger[1]
13. 49-Ethan Pope[13]
14. 21-Justin Pope[14]
15. 12-Buck Purtee[2]
16. 27X-Robbie Tuttle[16]
Hard Charger: 85G-Nick Glasgow[+8]

(c) 2014 – Results Provided by: Computer Man Inc. Fremont, OH

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